The stylish creations of the label L.CREDI Munich are popular in the fashion and lifestyle world of ladies.
Thereby the German lifestyle magazine “freundin”, by publisher Hubert Burda Media, has found its way to the open doors of L.CREDI Munich.
Both of them have similar core concepts: lifestyle and utility value.
The creative heads of the label and the magazines editors have worked with lots of commitment and devotion on a unique series of co-branded accessory collections. Here you can see a compilation of the collections (…co-branded collection “freundin”) .


This cooperation was more than successful! They have been celebrated and awarded for this outstanding collaboration at the co-brand-award 2015, the leading European event for brand-cooperations. And since this “friendship” is bearing good fruits, the cooperation will remain and we can look forward to many more wonderful collections.

Award for freundin Collection by L.CREDI

Since November 2014 L.CREDI Munich and “freundin” presented monthly, during a period of five months, a co-branded collection of handbags and purses.
On the 5th of May in 2015 the collaboration of the two well-established brands was awarded the 2nd place of the CoBrand award ceremony in Hamburg, Germany. The main criteria of this award ranged from creativity, cooperation-purpose and win-win factor.
André Möllersmann and Sarah Bold from Burda, and Daniel Braun and Brigitte Reiner from L.CREDI Munich joined the ceremony and received the 2nd place delightfully.

André Möllersmann, Director Merchandising & Licensing at BurdaIntermedia Merchandising: “We are very proud of this great cooperation and the outstanding award we received for it. It is a very big pleasure for us to be able to participate at the award show in Hamburg and a great incentive to go on with the cooperation.”

The team of BurdaIntermedia Merchandising, the editors of “freundin”, and the entire L.CREDI Munich team can look back onto a triumphant cooperation.
All together we can look forward to create more masterpieces for our customers.